Adults & Millennials

Together, we will work in a safe, one-on-one environment that is both caring and confidential. During individual therapy we will identify which aspects of your life are challenging you and work through your feelings, beliefs and behaviors around those challenges.

Is seeing a therapist right for you?

Are you feeling anxious or stressed?Do you find it difficult to relax?Did you lose someone important in your life, and now struggle to remove the grief?Is depression keeping you down, and it is it difficult to find the motivation to “get out of it”?Maybe you are troubled by addictive behaviors you would like to change…Or maybe you would finally like to be that best version of you; except there’s that little voice inside that’s holding you back…A significant personal trauma such as a divorce or a job loss can also be a great challenge. 

These are some emotional states and personal circumstances that you may find difficult to navigate individually…  
Or your situation may be entirely different. 
In cases such as these, or in any situation you may find yourself in… Therapy may help you find the breakthrough you are looking for. 

Don't Dull Your Sparkle

One-on-one therapy can be that special pause in your day. 

We at Minisink Psychology & Psychotherapy work with people from all walks of life, to help them toward the path they seek for themselves. Through our work together, we’ll explore what’s really driving you to feel the things you feel, take the actions that you take.  This process will also help unearth opportunities for long-lasting transformation.  Increased awareness of your feelings typically leads to greater self-acceptance and self-esteem; you will learn DBT skills to help you understand and manage your emotions. Through therapy, you should also develop a positive vision for your life that motivates and inspires you.

Personal challenges will continue to arise, but the process of individual therapy should help you implement viable solutions and long-term strategies. By investing in your own mental well-being today, you may be able to eliminate years of possible future emotional trauma. 

You can feel better and change your life!