Carol Videtti, LSW

Reduce Stress with COGNITIVE & DIALECTICAL BEHAVIOR SOLUTIONS NY NJPre-teens, Adolescents, Young Adults, Adults

Carol sees adults, young adults, pre-teens and adolescents in our Ridgewood office. 

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“TIME decides who you meet in your life.  Your HEART decides who you want in your life.  And BEHAVIOR decides who will stay in your life.”

Carol has been working in the field of mental health with adolescents and families for the past few years; and prior to that she had a successful career as a former Fortune-500 executive in NYC.  Her varied experience gives her the ability to understand how to establish and maintain collaborative communication, and develop achievable goals for her clients.  She uses her background education, training and experience to successfully work with adults, children, adolescents and families.

Carol’s background includes working in crisis centers and community mental health with children, adolescents and their families.  She has successfully treated individuals of all ages and struggles, including adjustment disorders, anxiety, depression, stress, grief, relationship, and communication related issues.

Carol is someone who understands people and knows what it’s like to cope with life’s ups and downs… struggles and plateaus.  She has a natural way with people:  young and old, male and female.  She takes a holistic approach to her work with her clients, and includes theory and techniques from CBT, DBT skillsmindfulness, and trauma-informed therapy.  Carol believes in strengths-based counseling, as mental health symptomatology and disturbances of all kinds are survival skills, however maladaptive.  Inherently, working together to identify and address paths to personal peace requires commitment to authenticity and personal awareness.  Healing is your process, and Carol attempts to be the facilitator of your self-knowledge.