Laura Rico, LMHC

Children, Tweens, Adolescents, & Adults


Laura’s ability to communicate with adults, children and adolescents is unique and natural . Through her calm and caring demeanor, she easily communicates that she provides a safe, comfortable , and professional environment for individuals, kids and families to work through their challenges. Generally, she utilizes a combination of psychodynamic, cognitive behavior (CBT), and dialectical behavior (DBT) techniques to assist people in developing a sense of acceptance and comfort with themselves and others.

Counseling for women

Life can sure be challenging sometimes!  On the surface, everything seems great. Yet, many of us are stressed, overwhelmed, and irritable. This often comes from a deep sense of feeling unfulfilled, empty, helpless, and unsatisfied. As a result, our relationships may suffer and our jobs as parents can become especially difficult. That’s where Laura comes… her passion is helping her clients understand what’s holding them back … and developing ways to help them live a more fulfilled, balanced, and harmonious life.

Think of Laura as a guide with a flashlight, helping you find the path to change. Laura’s role is to act as a compassionate container for your life’s experiences … a place to safely share, store, process, and release whatever is going on. “…most importantly, I work with the needs of the individual.” Laura is extremely easy to talk to, and provides a comfortable and safe atmosphere where individuals and couples can talk openly and honestly. She works with clients to develop strength-based goals and effective solutions to manage daily issues.

Counseling with Children

One of Laura’s greatest talents lies in her ability to utilize play therapy with young children to help them develop age-appropriate skills to work through issues including anxiety, sadness, shyness, and socialization difficulties. Through using play therapy with children (and involving parents), she has been able to successfully work with them to build communication and social skills, and improved self-esteem.

Play Therapy

Play therapy is one of the most helpful ways of working with children. It provides a way for kids to begin to know and accept themselves and others, as well as express their experiences, thoughts and feelings through a natural and healing process. After all, the most natural way for children to express themselves is through play! Laura uses various mediums including drawing, sandtray, creative play, and interactive games.

Homeschooled Children & Adolescents

There are no two ways about it: Elementary, middle, and high school can be very stressful. If you think back to your own high school experiences, you might remember some stress around issues like dealing with your friends, passing your classes, working with the ups and downs of class, and choosing a college… to name a few. Today, however, school can be a much more daunting endeavor for children and teens of all ages. Parents of teens with anxiety might wonder whether homeschooling is a possible solution— and it is true that many teens are successful with homeschooling and that many of the daunting stressors associated with public school are eliminated when a family homeschools.

For some students, the pace required can provoke anxiety. Many teens find themselves doing hours of homework each night. Sometimes the problem is not that school is causing anxiety, but rather that anxiety is causing your child to not succeed in school. For these kids, homeschooling can allow them the time needed to focus on coping with their mental health condition (like anxiety or depression) while they are able to adapt into a reasonable academic routine.

These homeschooled students can definitely benefit from individual and group therapy that addresses the anxiety, depression, social anxiety, self-esteem, and relationship issues that they so often struggle with. Laura Rico and Dr. Espinosa are equipped to provide unique therapy programs that will help them develop the skills and strategies they will need as they ease into lives and lifestyles that are successful and effective.