Preschool Child Therapy

Does your child have a hard time managing their emotions?  Making friends?   Coping with anxiety? 

We’re here for you!

At CDB Solutions, our therapists work with kids who may be:

  • Struggling to make and keep friends,
  • Having trouble joining in with peers,
  • Needing practice learning how to be assertive,
  • Feeling anxious or overwhelmed with school… or just in general,
  • Feeling down and would benefit from talking with someone about what they’re going through,
  • Coping with their parents’ divorce,
  • Suffering from poor self-esteem and confidence,
  • Struggling with their relationships with their parents &/or siblings

We also work with children who:

  • Could benefit from learning more effective coping strategies,
  • Are diagnosed with ADHD or struggle with attention, focus, impulsivity,
  • Are socially anxious,
  • Seem depressed and moody,
  • Are coping with bullying or teasing

Our services range from helping kids:  

  • Learn about their emotions,
  • Work on social skills,
  • Make friends,
  • Manage their anxiety,
  • Cope with life transitions, and
  • Just feel better about themselves.  

We individualize our services based on the child’s needs.  

We provide a safe space for kids to be themselves AND learn how they can change to have better lives worth living.

We use child-centered and child-specific techniques including:

  • Play
  • Art
  • Bibliotherapy (the use of books and stories in therapy)
  • Writing
  • Relaxation
  • Skill-building (Child-centered coping skills, DBT skills modified for children)
  • Mindfulness
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)-for children
  • Role Playing

Our approach to therapy is unique, thoughtful, and individualized for the children we work with.  We include parents in the therapeutic process to help bring about positive change, encourage open communication, and ensure that skills can be applied outside of the therapy setting.

Each child will find a warm and open place to work through their stressors and struggles.  Children will gain the necessary coping skills to keep in their “tool box” for life and will benefit from positive growth and increased self-esteem.