Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Who is CBT for?

Have you suffered from depression, anxiety, worry, or experienced difficulty seeing the positive in yourself and others? Do you experience mood disorders or sleep disorders? Or perhaps you have patterns of conflict in your relationships as a parent, a spouse, a friend, or with coworkers.

CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) is a tool that can help you boost your happiness by modifying certain dysfunctional thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in a structured, compassionate, and present moment-oriented way. Using this method, we can help you modify dysfunctional thinking and behaviors in drastically noticeable ways.

Changing your behavior, one thought at a time.

CBT theorists and practitioners believe that the way individuals perceive a situation is more closely connected to their reaction than the situation itself. In other words, the experiences you’ve had and conditioning you’ve experienced throughout your life contributes directly to your view of every situation and relationship you have! By changing those thoughts, we can help you change your unhelpful, sabotaging, distorted views and behaviors so that you can experience improvements in your emotions, mood, and functioning.

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Imagine seeing solutions, not just problems. Challenging your distorted perceptions and overcoming them. Employing tangible strategies in order to experience mood improvements. And boosting your overall happiness!

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CBT treatment is different from other long-term therapies.

The relationship between therapist and patient is collaborative and the treatment goals are clear. Your CBT therapist will begin by conducting a detailed assessment of the problems and symptoms you experience and then will determine what you hope to gain. From there, we will work together with various techniques and concepts in every session.

In order to see significant improvements, motivation is vital. This treatment requires commitment and effort from both parties, the therapist and you, the client. We will expect feedback, both positive and negative, at every session, which will allow us to alter the speed, style, and content of future sessions, so that your experience is unique and helpful to you as an individual.

The outcome can be extraordinary.

Why choose us for CBT?

At CDBS and Minisink Psychology & Psychotherapy, we’re passionate about helping our clients experience extraordinary outcomes. We’re intensively trained in CBT and other healing modalities, we’re interactive, and we’re solution-focused, and we’re committed to your success.

To see if CBT is right for you, reach out today to schedule a free intro call. We’ll briefly discuss your circumstances and if we’re a good fit, we’ll schedule your first session.

To see if we’re the right fit for you, reach out today to schedule a free intro call.

We’ll briefly discuss your circumstances and if we’re a good fit, we’ll schedule your first session.
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