Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)?

CBT is an empirically supported approach used by clinicians to treat psychological disorders including depression and various anxiety disorders.  CBT has been proven effective in not only treating these disorders, but also in preventing relapse, common for both depression and anxiety disorders.  CBT focuses on changing not only patterns of thinking that are maladaptive, but also the beliefs and underlying automatic thoughts that underlie such thinking.

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What is Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)?

DBT is a comprehensive evidence-based treatment that was designed and researched to treat adolescents and adults with a range of problem behaviors, typically related to difficulty regulating emotions. DBT has the strongest research support of any intervention for teens and adults with suicidal or self-harm behavior. DBT has also proven to be effective in treating addictive and eating disordered behaviors. Recently, DBT has been adapted and researched for treating children with difficulty regulating their emotions.

What is a DBT-LBC Certified clinician?

DBT-LBC Certified clinicians have the experience and expertise to provide DBT according to the model developed by Dr. Marsha Linehan. The DBT-Linehan Board of Certification (DBT-LBC) recognizes providers and programs that offer DBT in a way that consistently conforms to evidence-based research for DBT.

What is the goal of DBT?

Our goal is to help you build a life worth living. During therapy, we work with you to formulate and reach your own personal goals by understanding your own reactions to distress and using DBT skills and other strategies.

How is DBT different from CBT?

DBT is a form of CBT. DBT uses all of the strategies from CBT, with much more emphasis on emotion than is found in traditional CBT. Learning how to identify emotions, experience them effectively, regulate them, and increase pleasant emotions are all strongly emphasized in DBT.

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Can I do DBT and keep working with my current therapist?

We typically don’t recommend that clients receive treatment from multiple therapists during the same time. For this reason, we ask that client pause treatment with their individual therapists while in DBT.

Do you offer weekend appointments?

Unfortunately we do not offer weekend appointments.

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