Therapy for Men’s Issues

Traditionally, going to therapy is not seen as a “manly” thing to do, and statistics support that. A survey revealed that the number of men seeking treatment for mental health issues is significantly lower than the number of women with similar concerns. This is because typically, from a young age, men are taught rigid masculinity, which could be dangerous and possibly lead to suppressed, unchecked emotions. It could leave men feeling isolated, misunderstood, anxious and depressed, which are exactly the things no one should have to bear.

We treat men’s issues in a supportive and safe environment.

Robert Wilson, LCSW uses his expertise in this area to help you get to a place where you know that you’re free to be human, so that you can be a better father, a better son, a better employee, a better spouse… a better you.

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Common issues men experience may be:


Non-medically explained sexual issues

Medical reasons can often lead to erectile dysfunction or reduced sex drive. However, psychological and lifestyle factors can also contribute to this. A therapist can help treat your underlying issues (such as performance anxiety) and depression which can improve your sexual performance and relationship intimacy problems.


Anger and irritability

Anger can have disastrous effects on relationships; thus learning how to communicate hurt and sadness more effectively is the best course for creating healthy, strong relationships. We can help you let go and manage problematic anger, and instead, expression your frustrations in a more healthy manner.


Inability to express emotions

You may not feel comfortable expressing emotions. But unexpressed emotions can lead to substance abuse, physical altercations, devaluing of important loved ones, and avoidance of closeness and uncomfortable feelings. Unfortunately, this leads to more problems. We can help you be more adaptive in order to preserve and strengthen your relationships.


Intimacy, relationship, and affection issues

This includes emotional distances and communication issues. Stereotypically, men express love by buying things and doing things for their partner, but therapy can help you understand the love language of you and your partner to improve your relationship.

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