DBT Skills Groups

Helping you go from copying to thriving

Imagine learning new coping strategies and beginning the transformation from coping to thriving, even if you’re stuck and reeling out of control.
Our DBT skills groups will begin in 2021 once COVID restrictions have been lifted.

Stop and ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you sometimes feel like you can’t stop your negative emotions?

  • Does one negative thought, follows another, and another, until you find yourself in a downward spiral, feeling totally out of control?

  • Sometimes, do you feel you don’t even know what’s happening before it’s too late and you’re trapped in a sea of emotions that keep you from doing the things you truly want to do?

Suzannah Espinosa, PhD

My name is Suzannah Espinosa, PhD.

I am a licensed psychologist, an entrepreneur, and I must say that I love the fact that I can help people just like you learn new ways to go from simply coping in life, to truly thriving.

In 2002, I established Minisink Psychology & Psychotherapy, which I later renamed to Cognitive & Dialectical Behavior Solutions… and dedicated myself to providing effective, researched, and solution-focused therapeutic services.

Our goals are to provide knowledgeable and effective guidance, whether you’re…


dealing with long-standing issues and ready for change


interested in learning how to improve your relationships


wanting to learn new ways to cope more effectively


or needing to learn how to make better choices in life

Now, because of the pandemic, these skills are more important than ever if you are…

  • Homebound and struggling to cope with the “new normal”

  • Have increased anxiety and societal issues

  • Using old coping mechanisms that aren’t working as well as before

NOTE: DBT skills groups will begin in 2021 once COVID restrictions have been lifted.

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